Discussions on Development: Living on a dollar a day

Finca Cielo Azul

I heard about a movie that Whole Foods helped to finance, and now part of an organization called Living on One. It’s called…”Living on One Dollar a Day,” and goes something like this:

I think more than anything, I really enjoyed seeing the Guatemalan countryside and it’s people.  It’s been over seven years since I’ve been back to Guate, and seeing this made me really sad that I haven’t been able to go back.  I loved seeing the familiarity of the faces, the colors, and the landscapes.  It also made me hope that someday I can support local charities in Guatemala that promote education– the Guatemalan version of Haiti Scholarships 😉

The short movie, which is streaming now on Netflix, was entertaining and interesting, but like all things relating to development, the issues they addressed are far more complex than they gave them credit for.  As one commentator mentioned…

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