Flipping the Classroom

Mr.V's Classroom

“The Flipped Classroom” – What is it? A flipped classroom is a pedagogical model that inverts the typical cycle of both the acquisition and application of knowledge. It allows students the ability to gain necessary knowledge before class is in session and devote class time to exercises, projects, and the actual guided application of these key concepts.

Students taking responsibility, interacting meaningfully and often with their instructor and peers, and getting and giving frequent feedback, they acquire a deeper understanding of the content and how to use it. The role shifts for students in the classroom from passive recipient of information to a constructor of knowledge and the gives them the ability to practise key concepts and receive assistance with trouble areas. Students work together and create strong learning communities in the classroom and gaps in their understandings can be focused upon and fixed.


Utilizing this pedagogical model, concept engagement takes place in…

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